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About Home Director

Erik Lilla and Jason James, who are both homeowners and real estate professionals, noticed that their clients and they themselves had problems with consistently addressing common recurring maintenance items. Erik would regularly forget to change his furnace filter and Jason would from time to time forget to add salt to the water softener. After a while these little memory lapses can compound into more expensive repairs. Home Director is the solution to that problem. In today's busy world it's easy to forget these simple maintenance items, and when you do remember many times you do not have the right supplies on hand. Home Director was created to help insure these things get done in time, on time, and that you have the supplies you need.

Reminders are great, but sometimes home owners aren't quite sure how to go about performing the routine maintenance that keeps their home at its best. The good news is that Home Director is also equipped to show you how! We've integrated a series of educational materials so you feel comfortable and confident while maintaining your home. Check out Erik as he walks you through how to determine the size of your furnace filter!