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Home Director is the key to your happy home! Throughout the year we will be offering maintenance tips and tricks for keeping your home in tip top shape. Together we will learn how to re-screen a door, change a furnace filter, discover the advantages of adding LED bulbs to your home, and so much more! Learning how to take care of your home will provide you piece of mind and also save you some money.

Why scheduled changes of your furnace filter are so important

How many times have you went down to change your furnace/ac filter and when you removed it, it was literally caked with dust, dirt, and hair. Having a clean furnace/ac filter not only makes your system run more efficient saving power...

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Is switching out my old light bulbs to LED’s the right choice?:

When that light bulb goes bad, is the cost of switching to LED Bulbs the best thing to do? There are for sure numerous good reason to switch to LED Bulbs even
though ...

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Is your basement floor wet near your furnace/ac?:

If you ever have went into your furnace/ac room and found a wet floor there could be a few different reasons. Possibly a leaky hot water heater, or a clogged ...

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