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Home Director FAQ's

Thank you for your interest in Home Director, check out the 10 most frequently asked questions.

User Questions

  • How does this Work?

    This easy to use program guides homeowners through a simple process to add their home's furnace, humidifier, water softener, and other common household items that require regular maintenance. Once added Home Director uses SMS messages or email reminders to help homeowners keep up with their maintenance so they can avoid costly repairs.

  • How do I sign up?

    To register for Home Director simply click on the link. Follow the prompts to enter the basic information regarding your property, and you will be well on your way to a happy home.

  • How do I receive my maintenance reminders?

    Home Director will give you the option to receive SMS messages, email reminders, or both.

  • How do I add a maintenance item?

    Once you have registered for Home Director and are logged in, you can add a maintenance item by clicking on the "Add New Maintenance Item" button. After that, just answer a few questions regarding your new maintenance item.

  • How to purchase maintenance items?

    After logging into Home Director your upcoming maintenance reminders will be listed on the landing page. By selecting the shopping cart the item you need to complete your maintenance will be automatically placed in your Amazon shopping cart.

  • Is Home Director an Amazon Affiliate?

    Yes, Home Director is able to provide this service to you free of charge due to being an Amazon Affiliate.

  • Can I add more than one property?

    Currently Home Director allows each Home Director user to have one property. In the future we may add the feature of multiple properties.

  • Are there fees associated with using Home Director?

    No, Home Director is free of charge to its users.

  • Can I create other reminders through Home Director?

    Presently only select home maintenance items can be added to Home Director. In the future we may allow users to add custom items.

  • Can I sign up for Home Director if I'm a renter or property manager?

    Yes, anyone can sign up for a Home Director Account and add home maintenance reminders. For example, some users may help maintain their parent's home and want maintenance reminders.